IPR5000 Software Update Instructions
There are two IPR5000 hardware revisions that use different LCD screens. They use different software versions to make sure the colors look right (they are otherwise identical). You can tell which one each IPR5000 needs by looking at the color of the logo displayed when the IPR5000 is first powered up.

Check the version-specific release notes below to see if there are any special instructions.

For the older LCD (blue logo on black background)

Click here to download IPR5000 Firmware Version 1.74.

Click here to download the corresponding signature file (you need both files).

For the newer LCD (white logo on a black background)

Click here to download IPR5000 Firmware Version 1.76.

Click here to download the corresponding signature file (you need both files).

If using Internet Explorer, right click the link, select save target as, then save as type "All Files".

Note: Both "uImage-ipr5000" and "uImage-ipr5000.asc" must be present during a firmware upgrade.
Note: The first filename must be "uImage-ipr5000".
Note: The second filename must be "uImage-ipr5000.asc".

Troubleshooting Tip: The usb flash drive may need to be formatted to use the FAT32 file system. To check this, use Windows Explorer to browse to the flash drive, right click on it and select "Properties".

Save the downloaded files to the root (top-level folder) of a USB flash drive, or copy it there after downloading.

Insert the USB drive into the USB port located on the back of the IPR5000.

Cycling power to the IPR5000 before continuing may solve problems with the flash drive not being detected.

On the IPR5000 home screen, click the "Settings" button (cog or warning icon) to access the settings screen.

On the settings screen, press the "Software Updates" button.

Press the "Install from USB drive" button. This will start the update process.

On-screen messages will inform as it starts each step of the update process or if any errors occur.

Click here for information about setting up the IPR5000.

IPR5000 Software Version Notes Click on the version numbers below to expand the notes.
  • Support for new LCD type (V1.76 only).
  • Enforces half-duplex operation. You will now hear a busy tone if you try to key up while someone else is transmitting.
  • Improved VoIP audio quality with all codecs. Supports Opus codec (see this page for details).
  • Reduced the volume of the keyup/unkey tones.
  • Supports low-power standby (press and hold left/volume knob to activate it).
  • Supports dimming the LCD screen. Press in the right/channel knob and hold it in while turning it to adjust.
  • New "PA" mode lets you use the mic to talk out the speaker. Access from home screen using top-right button.
  • Volume and channel knobs respond much more quickly.
  • Audio quality improvements.
  • Supports making calls to individual IPR5000s in addition to using talk groups as before.
  • Added support for optional internal 3G cellular modems.